Creating your sculpting toolkit

As far as creative art works go, sand sculpting is one of the most cost effective.  There’s no need to buy special equipment.  Gather up these items from around your home and you’re ready to go to the beach and carve!

-Plastic utensils:  A knife is the most used item by a sand sculptor.   It is used to create all the shapes of a sculpture.  The spoon and fork are also good extras for windows, tunnels, and textures.

-Empty containers: Whether it’s your yogurt tub, an old storage bin, plastic take out containers, etc, these are an essential part of your tool kit.  Carefully cutting the bottoms off, you’re ready for hard packing your sand.  If you want to go a bit bigger, go to your local deli and ask if you can have a couple of their fruit containers, pickle buckets and/or ice cream tubs before they recycle them. 

-House tools: Old paint brushes,  a shovel, and any size/shape of trowels hanging around go into your toolkit as well. 

-Kitchen utensils:  Need an excuse to get a new melon baller, cake icer, or set of skewers? Throw those old ones in your toolkit before you head out the door with your Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons for new ones.

-Miscellaneous items:  If you’ve taken a sand sculpting lesson, you’ll know the importance of having straws in your kit.  You may find an old computer duster useful for some sculpts as well.  Toothpicks can be used in place of skewers, just be careful as they are easily lost in the sand.  You may want to hit the art store for an artist’s palette knife.  These come in both metal and plastic and are a bit more convenient that the plastic knife as you can use both sides to cut.  If you know a contractor or happen to drive by a construction site, ask about any discarded pieces of PVC pipe.  At 12 inches or less and of any dimension, these are great for castle towers.  Empty compound/dry wall buckets are also good for hauling water and mixing glop for hand stacking.  Wash thoroughly before using. 

Now you have all the tools you need to create a great piece.  Get carving!!