Keep carving

Now that you have learned the basics about sand sculpting, it is time to put your skills to work. “But it’s December!” you say? No problem. If you live in an area that gets snow, practice in the snow. Pack and carve that white stuff. If you are near a shoreline and have a sweater or jacket, get out there and carve. While some years are more challenging than others (thanks, 2020), this is a time to start looking for competitions near you in the year ahead. First look for some of the larger competitions where you can go and watch the master sculptors do their amazing work. You can learn a lot by watching them and checking out their pieces. Often there are amateur competitions on the weekend of those competitions. Sign up, get out and carve. You may just win an award for the category you enter, i.e. family, solo adult, group adult, youth.

Just to get you started, here is a short list of event to check out around the country:

Hampton Beach, NH

Revere Beach, MA

Isle of Palms, SC

Port Aransas, TX

Virginia Beach, VA

Port Huron, MI

South Padre Island, TX

San Diego, CA

Sarasota, FL

Fort Myers, FL

Treasure Island, FL

Key West, FL