Staying sand sculptor safe

There are very few rules when at the beach sand sculpting, but those few are very important for a good day of sculpting.

  1. Wear your sunscreen and protective clothing. Getting burnt can really
    ruin your sculpting day as well as your next day.
  2. Stay hydrated. You may not realize how much you are losing hydration as you’re working away on your piece, but you have got to stop and drink fluids frequently. Stopping to get hydrated is also a good opportunity to step back from your work and get a different perspective on it as well.
  3. Track your tools. Some tools are small, some tools are sharp, and some
    are tripping hazards. Keep a close eye on all of your tools so they are not lost and so no one gets hurt by stepping on them. As a habit, I always stick my tools in the sand vertically if I need to put it down for a moment. This helps me keep track of them and stay safe.
  4. Have fun and check your expectations. This last ‘rule’ is more about
    sanity than safety. Remember that sand sculpting is about having fun.
    Don’t expect perfection. Do expect problems. It’s sand – it cracks, breaks, falls, and just does what it wants sometimes. Go with the flow and enjoy!