Team Building

Corporate groups and organizations that want fun and challenging team building activities should consider  SandiCastles for their next outing. After 30+ years experience facilitating and working with businesses, Sandi brings her expertise in team building to the sand. Effective team building activities include fun and positive interaction as participants work to increase the effectiveness of a work group. With some fun competition and a plot of sand and carving tools, groups work together to create a sand sculpture that is judged on aesthetics, creativity, and story. While doing so, Sandi observes various aspects of each group’s actions and communication for a follow up debriefing session.

Areas that can be addressed in a SandiCastles team building activity:

  • Team Members getting to know one another
  • Improving communication issues
  • Learning how to work together, instead of individually
  • Problem Solving and conflict resolution

SandiCastles’ corporate team building is designed for groups large and small, and each session is customized to be accomplished in 2.5 to 4 hours.

Team building with sand is fun and provides work groups with learning that will be long remembered.

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Team Building Activities

Team Building Outing

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