What To Expect in Your Sand Sculpting Lesson

            As I wrote previously, most of us have not been shown how easy it is to make sand sculptures.  In an hour to an hour and half lesson with me, you will start by practicing three ways to pile sand to carve.   These three methods are soft packing, hand stacking, and hard pack.  Once you have a good sized block of sand in front of you, I provide you with 5 tools and show you how each is used to carve that block of sand.  You are free to practice by carving whatever you would like from your block of sand.  Once you have the basic techniques, I will show you a couple extra tips that will allow you to make arches, stairs, animal ears, turrets, windows and more. 

            With these techniques and the tools you get to keep, you are all set to continue making bigger and better sand sculptures every time you go to the beach.  And you can continue to build your toolkit with easily found items and often for free.

Sandi Castles teaches family friendly fun in the sun and sand by helping people make the most amazing sand art!
Sand sculpting is fun for all ages!

             It is often a challenge to find activities that all members of the family can participate in and enjoy.  Grandma.  Teenager.  Everyone else.  What can they all do together?  You can expect a sand sculpting lesson to fill the bill for those from 7 to 87.  And after learning the tips and tricks of sand sculpting: family sand sculpting competition!!  

Contact SandiCastles to arrange for your group’s lesson on any of the Brunswick, Pender, or New Hanover County beaches.