Why Corporate Team Building with Sand

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As a company, it is important that staff work well together of course. But in
the modern workplace, the diversity of employees can create disconnects in
productivity. And by this I am not just referring to gender, race, or age. There are all manner of differences in how we as humans think about getting a project done, how we like to work, our individual strengths and weaknesses, communication and problem solving preferences. Team building activities are intended to help workers identify and understand these differences so they might lessen the disconnects and become more productive and satisfied at work.

However, many of the activities that companies have been using to promote teamwork feel old and tired and often miss making the critical connections between the activity and what that means back in the workplace. When SandiCastles provides a team building experience using sand sculpting, we make sure this is not the case.

First, participants in our sand sculpting team building experience are able to enjoy being outside at the shore. The physical and mental aspects of hearing the surf, breathing sea air, and enjoying the sunshine can’t be duplicated in a conference room. Next, while working in their teams they will be challenged with doing something that is new to them. After a demonstration of how they are expected to make their sand sculpture (nothing taught us as kids), they need to make decisions together quickly, figure out tasks and roles for each team member, deal with limited
resources, and continue to communicate and problem solve. These are all elements of a workplace at times. After their work is complete, time is left for dissecting, discussing, reviewing, and making the connections between what they just did and their typical work together. Participants usually leave with new insights about each other and ideas about what they can take back to the office.

In addition to all they take away for their work life, participants also have the added benefit of learning new tips and techniques for sand sculpting that they can now use anytime they go to the beach with their families.

As humans, we learn best when we are challenged, actively participating in
the learning, and having fun doing it. Team building with sand sculpting checks all the boxes! Schedule your corporate team building event with SandiCastles today!